Best Comedy Shows You Must Watch

Top 10 Comedy Shows You Must Watch it In 2022

The Office And Shows Like the Office are considered one of the classics in the comedy genre. The show has gained recognition and plaudits from all across the world for the phenomenal show they have put up. The concept of the show is very simple. It follows the life of the employees of a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. The show is orchestrated in a way that will make you feel like a part of the office setting. You feel as if you are sitting with the characters on set. Throughout the seasons the characters can make you feel like a part of the family.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Many claim this to be the sister show of The Office. The paper company has been replaced by the local government while the background is still that of an office. The show focuses its attention on the governance of a fictional town in America called Pawnee. Show Like Parks and Recreation can be its best Alternative.

Some of the writers of the Office had joined the team to make this show. This show was perceived by many to be a carbon copy of The Office with some elements changed to create a sense of genuineness. As many considered it to be a rip-off of The Office not many people had any hopes for it. This was not the case once it was released.

The satirical show was able to create its own distinct identity and separated itself from being a blatant rip-off of the Office. The cinematography has many similarities between the two but it managed to create a following of its own. The show has achieved unimaginable success compared to when people were writing it off as a rip-off. A crew filled with stars has helped the show reach the level it is at today.



‘Friends’ is one of the most iconic TV series in history. The show is considered a timeless classic. Though it has been many years since its release, the show manages to get more attention and viewership. The viewership of this show surpasses many of the greats in the television industry.

We are sure that you must have at least heard of ‘Friends’ due to it amassing great popularity. The show still raws impressive numbers which can rival many of the shows currently. The show has created an emotional attachment with its fanbase which has helped them to get to the level of fame that they are at currently.

‘Friends’ follows the lives of 6 friends through their daily life. The daily interactions they have helped move the story forward. The show has kept its audience entertained through the witty jokes and remarks made throughout the show.

The show will make you laugh for the entirety of the time you are watching it. With new twists and turns in the lives of these characters, the viewers see their friendship go through the test of time. If you have been a fan of The Office, we are sure you will be a fan of Friends as well. By the end of the show, you will be laughing and crying with the actors on screen.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another show which deserves to get the plaudits that it does. The genre of the show owes its origin to what was put forward by The Office. This show has quickly become one of the fan favorites with many people applauding the use of humor in this how. Humor has been used to complement the direction of the show.

They have not over excessively used humor to compensate for a bad storyline which can be seen in many comedy genre shows. The show is based on the life of a police precinct in
Brooklyn. Andy Samberg takes the role of one of the main characters along with producing the show. The dual role suits him and his character executes the act of being a protagonist well.

The clever writing has helped this show to navigate through rough waters and deliver a show which is funny but not offensive. The writers exactly understand where the line has to be drawn and do not overstep their boundaries. The show is responsible in terms of the real-life issues that pop up and do a good job at incorporating them into the show.

The series gets its main storyline through the actions of the unique characters in the show. The show is one of the best comedy series available. It should be on your watchlist if you are looking to get a few laughs while following the daily life of the characters each having their role to play and contribution to make towards the show.

Office UK

Office UK

The original version of The Office was produced in the United Kingdom. If you have been a true fan of the US version you should be looking to give this a watch as well. The show is short consisting of only 14 episodes with 2 special episodes. Being a short series makes it easier to cover the entire show without having to commit a lot of time to it.

Many people just assume that the show is just a remake and decide to skip it. The reality could not be any more different. The show is very different from the US version. Most of the jokes are much darker and you will find the show going to comedic regions which some might consider being offensive.

Ricky Gervais donning the roles of one of the main characters makes it a very interesting watch. This show appeals to the audience in two ways. The pure comedic nature of the script is one of the main reasons for its success.

The second aspect is spotting the origin of their favorite characters in the US version by watching this show. You will be able to draw up many similarities and even see some of your favorite scenes in their original form.  We must say that this show should be on your list due to the backstory it provides into the origin of the US version along with the comedy it puts forward.

The Good Place

The Good Place

The Good Place is a favorite for many. Some die-hard fans of The Office call this their favorite show after they complete this series. This show has been able to achieve what many comedy shows fail to do which is develop and move the storyline. Some comedy shows reach a point where they feel choked for ideas. The episodes never become a meaningless addition to the story. The director manages to keep the storyline moving whale ensuring there is an adequate amount of comedy present in each episode.

The show keeps on mixing it up by introducing new themes for many of its episodes. The show manages to keep a freshness about their show without it becoming monotonous. While watching the show you will find yourself laughing out loud at the hilarious comments made by the characters.

All the actors have been picked with care ensuring that the show can deliver the best output. This is a complete series with a proper ending. The last season helps you realize the changes which the characters have gone through and help you understand the journey you have witnessed.



The Community follows the footsteps of the greats in comedy shows and delivers a serious competitor for one of the best comedy shows of all time. The writers have ensured they have a great plotline. While the plotline does falter in a season it is quickly picked up with the following seasons exceeding all expectations.

Dan Harmon has generated a show which keeps you entertained without providing even one dull moment. You will be kept thoroughly entertained with each episode. Dan Harmon as a creator needs no introduction. This was the first project of his where his art for comedy shows was at full display.

The show has a star-studded cast. All of the members of the cast are exceptionally taken with each of them managing to do justice to the roles provided to them. This show has even ensured all of the guest appearances play a role in the story rather than just being there for the sake of it.

The community is a creat show to keep the knack for comedy shows alive in you. The show does a more than decent job at providing the people with a light-hearted comedy with exceptional acting. All of the six seasons are worth watching. With the setup being similar to the Office this is a show which you might enjoy.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is another show which manages to make our list. The show is based around the struggles of a manager who leads an English Premier League side but does not know much about how to succeed at his job. The story is based in a different setting than the mundane shows.

This revolves around the management of a football club. While sports enthusiasts will love this show it is not restricted to them. You do not need an in-depth understanding of the sport to understand the show. Rather than the sport, the comedic nature of their coach is the main focus of the show which makes it fun and a great watch for the majority of the people.

AFC Richmond is the club led by the manager. The club does not exactly excel at football and has a poor record. There are always problems available in the team which makes for a good watching experience. You never know which new problem will pop up but the manager tries his best to deal with it. The positivity displayed by the coach ensures that the show always sticks to its comedy roots while being a positive experience for its viewers.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt  Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a standout comedy show in the modern era. The show has been able to attract a massive following in a short time. They have tried to keep their storyline as unique and new as possible. This was done as they felt that the shows in this gene were becoming too similar and the people wanted something new.

They moved away from the generic comedy shows which try to incorporate a joke after every two sentences but instead focused on good story development. The show can provide a sense of warmth and wholesomeness which is seen as lacking in many shows.

The show follows the story of the Rose family. Although they were very rich at a point in time, they lost all of it and became bankrupt. Their only asset was to move into a small town which the family has bought earlier as a joke. The sudden change in lifestyle and habits has been showcased well. This show has won many hearts all over the globe and if you give it a chance it may win your heart as well.



If you want to find a show which is similar to The Office in terms of ts set u, the best match is probably The Superstore. This s a workplace comedy sitcom. Just like in the office all of the main action is centered around the workplace of the employees of a superstore manager.

The show aims to highlight the everyday things that take place in these stores by using satire and comedy to help them. Daily interactions of the crew of the Superstore are what make up the main plot of the story. The series starts slowly but takes a beautiful stride with each season surpassing the previous one. You will be able to see visible growth with each season.

The entire cast seems to be in sync with their characters. It feels natural almost as if these roles are the ones best suited for them. Throughout the seasons we see the journey of this store. The show does not shy away from depicting social issues in their show.

The depiction of the Covid-19 pandemic in their show increased their popularity. The staff is faced with challenges in each episode ad they try to deal with these using their unique personality. This satirical show will be a good match for you.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

You might find some of the fans of Arrested Development take offense if you call the show a series that has been inspired by The Office. this show made its debut in 2003 and has been a good addition to the genre of comedy in the television industry. It is worthy to note that this show was inspired by the Uk Office which had been released in 2001. The similarities between these are uncanny and can be traced to a large extent. Both of these services are set in an office and the type of writing which has prevailed over the seasons of this show replicated what has been done in The Office.

The show focuses on the life of the Bluth family as they try to keep their family working without any hiccups. All of the characters in the show have excellent backstories. They are created to add a fun dynamic and laughter scheme to the show. The entire family has different qualities which makes them even more difficult to handle and deal with. The family has qualities that you will not be expecting to find in a regular family. These odd mannerisms of the characters make them enjoyable on the screen.


The Office is a series that is in a league of its own. Many people want more seasons to be released but the show has wrapped up the series with a wholesome finale. The actors such as John Krasinski, Steve Carell, and the others make it an enjoyable experience. The alternatives we have provided you are not meant to replace the show. It instead is done to help you find similar shows with similar plots to help you get more shows to watch.  All of these shows have a few elements that can be linked to the show but they are unique entities.