Dexter New Blood Season Review


Starring Michael C Hall as the serial killer with a moral code, Dexter New Blood is off to a great start. There’s enough for the fans of the original series to return.

When Dexter aired its infamous finale in 2013, it found itself on the list of most disappointing endings to a loved television show. Eight years later, the show has a chance to redeem itself and after watching the first episode of the reboot series Dexter New Blood, I can say that they are off to a good start. The finale of the series saw the serial killer moving away to live a solitary life after handing over his son Harrison to Hannah, his new lover with a dark past. Years later, Dexter is still trying to run away from his past but his life in Miami is a part of his DNA.

Dexter New Blood has Dexter living a low-key life as Jim Lindsay in a cold town named Iron Lake where everyone knows everything. Stolen pies and cattle running loose are the biggest problems here, and Dexter (now living as Jim) is, once again, in close contact with law enforcement, all thanks to his new girlfriend Angela, who is the chief of police.

Some things have still not changed – like Dexter bringing in pastries to work, or making a nice breakfast for himself. The sight of blood still gets him going but we are told that he has not had a single kill since he faked his own death a decade ago. He hallucinates Debra, much like he hallucinated Harry in the earlier seasons, and is trying hard to control the urge to kill. A rich spoilt brat named Matt, however, is too much of a bait for a seasoned serial killer like him. His moral code is still in place though – as you must remember, he only kills bad people.

Through the almost hour-long episode, you wait for Dexter to get back into his element – the one who killed with precision. Like a recovering addict trying to hold on to his sobriety, Dexter is agitated, shifty, and as audience members, so are you. Every time he is tempted, you want him to give in to his temptation. Michael C Hall is Dexter from the get-go. The actor did an exemplary job of making you root for a brutal serial killer and although he has not played the ‘Bay Harbor Butcher’ in years, he has still got it.

As had already been teased in the trailer, his past has already caught up with him. With the return of his son, it appears that Dexter’s demons are back to haunt him.

Clyde Phillips, who exited the original series after the now-iconic Season 4 (Trinity Killer) is back as showrunner here and so far it looks like he might help us in forgetting the extremely mediocre last couple of seasons of the show.