Ram Gopal Varma opens up on success of KGF 2, The Kashmir Files, says ‘they have fu***ed up everything’

Ram Gopal Varma opened up on the mega success of Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, and Yash’s pan-India blockbuster KGF Chapter 2. In a recent interview, RGV stated that these two movies have fu***d up everything. While speaking to Bollywood Hungama, The Satya director opened up on how The Kashmir Files and KGF Chapter 2 are two mega-blockbusters of the year, and they both are distinctively different from each other. RGV said, “Two films that have f**ked up everything are KGF – Chapter 2 and The Kashmir Files. They are the opposite ends of the spectrum.” 

Varma further added that ‘nobody in Bollywood liked’ Yash’s film, and yet went on to become such a huge hit. “The scary part of KGF – Chapter 2 is that nobody in Bollywood liked it. When a film you didn’t like does such numbers, you’ll be confused and you don’t know what to do.” RGV supported his claim by sharing a conversation he had with another director.

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Varma added, “A very big director of Bollywood told me, ‘Ramu, I tried to watch it five times but I couldn’t go beyond half an hour’. He then got back to working on the script for his next film.” Ramu took a pause and continued, “While arguing over a scene, his scriptwriter reasoned, ‘this kind of scene worked in KGF: Chapter 2, right?’! There’s a saying in Hollywood, ‘You can argue with content, but you can’t argue with success’! Hence, whether or not you liked it, you can’t ignore its success.”

Well, this is not the first time when RGV commented on KGF Chapter 2. Earlier in May, Ramy called the film a ‘dark cloud’. In his first tweet, he wrote, “I think #KGF2 is like an enormous tree under whose shadow, no tree seems to be growing.” In another one he said, “KGF2 is like a large dark cloud casting a doomsday shadow on all the other big films and the black clouds torrential collections are draining all other stars and star directors.” 


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