Shweta Tiwari reveals her neighbours call her house ‘Sita Ka Ghar’

Mere Dad Ki Dulkhan actress Shweta Tiwari is all set to return to tv with the show Main Hoon Aparajita. In a new interview, the actress opened up about her personal life and her journey as a single mother.

While speaking to the Times of India, Shweta Tiwari said that her real home is called as ‘Sita ka ghar’ my neighbours. While talking about her character Aparjita (who is a single mother) in the show, the actress stated, “to play this role of Aparajita, I had to wash and unlearn everything whatever I had done in my career. Not many people know this but my real house is known as ‘Sita ka ghar’ by people who live close by or our neighbours. They call it ‘Sita ka ghar’ because we only have a majority of women in our house. My mother, my daughter, my maids and each one of us have faced some kind of disturbance in our life. Whether it is related to husband, family, daughters, there’s something going on and our house is full of ladies. I have my father who’s very old and my son. We don’t have any male members. My brother is based in London. So they call it ‘Sita ka ghar’ Hamare naam ka Sughda rakh diya hai.”

She added that her house could be called Sita ka ghar and she could do everything because she had the strong support of her mother. When she was young she didn’t have to do things, her mother was the one who guided her. 

Recently, Palak Tiwari shared her opinion on nepotism. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Palak said, “I believe that outsiders are marginalised and to a sense that is true, maybe sometimes they are overlooked. But you know there are equal cons I would say of being related to someone that has made it. More than anything else, just the pressure of living up to what they have created and the love that audiences have for them. I know, that no matter what I do, people will always think that my mom is better and that is something that I have never refuted in my life and I will never because she is better. I am a part of her. I am a much smaller part of her. So for me to grow where she is, it will take me a lot of time. But also, my mom had a lot of struggles in her life from a young age.” 

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